Privacy Policy

NEXT TOP OPTION shall make our best effort to protect the privacy, confidentiality and security of our clients during our mutual relationship as well as that in the future.

1. When our clients sign up NEXT TOP OPTION, we shall confirm their will to share certain personal information with us that will be used for identification and protection of their payment and transaction bank account. The information shall be collected through the severely checked procedure to prevent international money laundering and to guarantee the security and safety of the overall transaction of our clients.

2. Our clients shall be required to offer their correct and updated information to us. In addition, they shall be required not to try to conduct fraudulent acts but to conduct transaction for yourself after registration, and also shall be required to swear unconditionally not to try to steal identity of someone else.

3. NEXT TOP OPTION data collection procedure includes the collection of your freely disclosed information to share it with us as well as establishment of the cookie for the collection of data on interactions with your STAROPTION website. These tools are used to protect your security and all the data collected by our company shall be shared with the only staff that is in charge of confirmation of our clients’ bank account information for the clear purpose of protecting our clients’ confidentiality and security.

4. NEXT TOP OPTION shall not disclose any of our clients’ personal or any other confidential information to the third party without a clear written consent of our clients except in case when the information disclosure is necessary for legal purposes or for investigation of our clients’ identification to protect their transaction accounts and personal information.

5. As long as our clients sign up NEXT TOP OPTION and have voluntarily the mutual relationship with NEXT TOP OPTION products and service, our clients shall confirm and agree that all of or a part of their information on NEXT TOP OPTION transaction accounts, transactions done through them, and the mutual relationship with us shall be used. As all the mutual relationship between our clients and our company is kept for recording purpose, we might use the information when acts of dispute have occurred between the clients and our company.

6. NEXT TOP OPTION shall make utmost effort to protect our clients’ personal information including execution of the data protection procedure designed for our clients’ confidentiality. NEXT TOP OPTION shall guarantee to update periodically the data protection policy in order to keep the clients’ confidential information.

7. NEXT TOP OPTION shall contact our clients by telephone or by e-mail from time to time for the purpose of offering further information on NEXT TOP OPTION’s binary option transaction or financial market transaction. In addition, our company shall contact our clients by telephone or by e-mail to let them know our original sales promotion plans offered by NEXT TOP OPTION. Our clients shall agree to receive the contacts from us when they sign up and agree to our company’s terms of use and the conditions. In case our clients would like to refuse the further contacts from NEXT TOP OPTION, they shall have an obligation to contact us by telephone or by e-mail to let us know their request in any circumstances.