• In case of binary option transaction, you might have a risk to lose a part of or all of your investment money. Therefore, please be careful and avoid conducting the transaction with the important fund that cannot be lost in this transaction.
  • In case of option transaction, please be noted that you are always exposed to the risk of losing the investment money due to sudden change of each market condition and the loss is not guaranteed in any cases.
  • The transaction price of each asset on the platform is the price the Company offers at the time of your purchase. Please be noted that the price is not necessarily the same as that of the same asset at the same time at each market.
  • In case of the investment in our company’s product, binary option, please read through the Company’s terms of use, and you shall be deemed to agree to it when you open the account and conduct the actual transaction.
  • In terms of the earnings by the transaction, please be understood that you shall be liable for income tax in accordance with the country of residence.