The clients can make the payment to NEXT TOP OPTION by the following methods.

Credit Card/Debit

Diners Club Card ・American Express Card are available for the payments.
The clients can credit your account quickly, easily and safely with Credit Card/Debit Card through the internet.

  • The minimum credit amount by credit cards is US100.00 or JPY10,000.
  • In order to credit your account, 3DCode is required. Please start the payment procedure after confirming 3D Code.

Wire Transfer

The clients can credit your account directly by wire transfer to the designated banks.
The fee of the telegraphic transfer differs according to your line banks. Please confirm it before the wire transfer.

Beneficiary Bank:      HSBC The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking
Beneficiary Bank Location: No.1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong
Beneficiary A/C No.:    499-795581-838

  • The minimum credit amount by the wire transfer is USD100.00 or JPY10,000.
  • Please make sure that the remittance should be done under your own name.
  • It will take 5 business days on average to update your account because receipt confirmation time differs by bank.

Credit card payment

Fill out the screen from the settlement of credit card, please make the payment.
< Amount limit settlement of the month: ¥200,000
(lower settlement amount:¥5,000) >

・we will limit the amount of 200,000 yen.
If the upper limit of your card is less than this, it is the upper limit.
If you have any questions.Please contact “”.

Withdraw transaction

Request withdrawal of your funds trading account is handled by NEXT TOP OPTION.
The request of the disbursement is treated usually within 7 business days after receipt of the needed information.
The client who demands the disbursement and has not submitted the ID verification documents yet has to send the required documents promptly by e-mail with attached files.

  • ①a copy of the identification with a photo (passport, driving license etc.)
  • ②confirmation documents for the current address (Copy of the billing statement of mobile phone and utilities)


  • You shall be notified by e-mail in case you are required to submit certain documents. Please understand that the disbursement operation shall not be done before receipt of the documents.
  • The company is governed by the regulation of money laundering, therefore, does not send a remittance to the account in the third party’s name.
  • Please note that withdrawal becomes correspondence only of bank transfer.