Questions on Trading

What is Binary Option ?
Binary option, is a financial instrument which makes a profit based on prospective outcome after expecting how market price fluctuates in such as FX, stock and commodity market at expiration time (eg, in 5 minutes) compared with the current price
What kind of binary options do you provide?
A transaction as Binary option provided by Next Top Option is only “high-low option” in which you can predict whether the market price will go higher or lower than the current price at expiry time.
What’s the maximum number of positions to a particular option?
The limit of position is〇〇
What is the minimum investment amount?
The minimum trade amount is $1 or JPY100.
What is the maximum trade amount?
You can buy a position until the purchase price would be $ 50 000 or $ 500
What is offered rate?
The offered rate is the average rate between bid rate and ask rate (selling price and buying price). Those rates are provided to us by the data-provider and reflect the current market prices.
What is the structure of tricast?
If “USD3Pair”, you are multiplying dealings involving three USD currency pair that is displayed on what “all down” or “all up”.)(It will be a very high dividend yield
I was displayed at a rate that the rate at which the entry is different from the rate at that time.
The currency pair may be set to “range” liquidity problems.Since the entry rate is displayed at a rate that includes a “range” In such cases, it will be different from the rate at the start rate

Questions on open account :

Can I open more than one account?
If additional account is needed, another e-mail address is required other than the existing e-mail address you register at the opening of your first account.
With regard to money transfer, please feel free to contact our support desk.
Under no circumstances, you are not allowed to open a new different account using someone else’s name.
Various kinds of documents required for ID verification when you open a new account
Please submit identification with photo issued by government (a passport, a driver’s license, a copy of basic resident register)

Questions on deposit and withdrawal

Can I trade right after credit into my account?
You can start trading when deposit process is completed and your account is credited. The quickest way is to deposit with your credit card, which enables you to trade in 1 hour.In case of deposit by wire transfer, it will take 5 business days on average to update your account because receipt confirmation time differs by bank.
Is a handling fee charged for deposit process?
Since the detailed wire transfer fee differs by bank, please check your bank before money transfer.
Is a handling fee charged for withdrawal?
A processing fee of USD30 is charged across the board for wire transfer.
What is a SWIFT code?
A SWIFT code is a unique identification code for a particular bank to make overseas remittance between banks. Please contact your bank, the SWIFT code will be advised.

Questions about the trading system.

Tell me recommended environment of PC
OS : windows vista/7
Memory : 512MB
Hard disk : 2GB
CPU : 1GHz
We recommend the above as PC environment.
Is your software available for Mac?
Sorry, our platform is available only for Windows.
Unable to have trading system downloaded.
Please re-install the system after restart a computer. Still unable to install the system, please check your “security setting” of antivirus software.