Why next top option TM

Simple and Easy

Binary option provided by NEXT TOP OPTION is High・Low Option where you forecast if FX rates, Stock prices and Commodity prices go up or go down. Even beginners can understand the result and can easily make profits.
In case the option is in-the-money, the return for the investment amount is clear because the payback amount has been fixed at the time of the option purchase.
Neither the margin maintenance ration nor fluctuation of the spread should be worried about.

Judgment Time 21:00
Payout Ratios 195%
Purchase Amount JPY1,000.-
Current Rate  78.680
Go up from the current rate
Expiry Time   21:00
Settlement Rate 78.782
Payback    JPY1,950

Effective utilization for the leisure time

We provide a high-low option to choose the time, such as expected after five minutes and one minute later, you can receive the profit which is more than 80% of the investment amount in a few minutes, therefore, even businessmen and house wives raising children make good use of time with it.
Since the expiry time is fixed in advance, settlement of the position is not required.

in 1 minutes seconds
Ratio of the potential payout 180~200%
in 5 minutes
Ratio of the potential payout 180~200%
※ Tricast
Ratio of the potential payout    350~800%
※ In the tricast, please purchase 3 different securities at the same time. In case the result is as expected,


The minimum trading amount is US$1.00. Since you do not have to worry about more losses than the investment amount like equity investment and/or FX investment, risk management is easy.
The ration of potential payout is over 180% which is the highest level in the market and NEXT TOP OPTION presents the 800% special bonus if you make a correct assumption three currency pairs.

180% Payout
25~1000 Leverage